• How big is LabsTECH now? How many engineers do you employ?

    At the moment we employ 500+ engineers. However, the company is constantly growing, new partnerships and new projects attract new talent. Our powerful department of recruitment professionals works to maintain an uninterrupted pipeline of new hires.

  • What’s your pricing policy?

    LabsTECH’s pricing policy is simple and predictable, but flexible at the same time. Our clients have access to all developer rates and other expenses, we are fully accountable for all financial information. The price consists of the loaded employee rate, special requirements (VAT, taxes, if needed). What LabsTECH charges is a moderate service fee only for the services we provide.

  • Can my engineers come on-site?

    Yes, we strongly encourage seamless communication between our clients and their teams and facilitate knowledge transfer in any possible way. Our engineers often travel to meet clients in person, work on-site for a while to sync efforts with the client’s in-house teams. At the same time, our clients are more than welcome to come to our office and work with their teams. We believe that efficient and timely communication is the key to product success.

  • How can I know my project is truly cost-efficient?

    As a financial group, we know that financial cuts are often crucial for further progress. We carefully plan everything beforehand, trying to avoid unnecessary features and extra work, reaching ultimate efficiency. We determine and mitigate all possible risks to prevent unforeseen expenses they might cause. We have no bench, our clients never pay for services they don’t truly use.

  • How will I benefit from your extensive network?

    Our network brings deep in-house technology expertise and vast talent pool we can leverage to provide top-notch teams to our clients. Years of technology experience, unique industry insights, and refined business processes give our clients a competitive edge, supplemented by connecting to world’s top tech entrepreneurs and various opportunities for partnership and funding.

  • Can I interview the developer myself?

    Yes, our clients are invited to take part in the selection process. We carefully analyze the requirements and work to find cohesive, close-knit teams, tailored to suit our clients’ needs and client’s personal participation is very helpful.

  • How do I communicate with my team?

    We aspire to offer maximum flexibility in terms of communication, adapting to the communication and project management tools our clients prefer. The clients have round-the-clock access to all project information. The teams are available on a regular basis for client meetings, always working so as to overlap with the client’s timezone if needed. We establish constant delivery and regular reporting. You may also choose an experienced project manager to be a part of your team as your main contact point to make communication even more efficient. Finally, we always strongly encourage travels and personal meetings.

  • How do you ensure quality?

    We have established a set of high technology standards and we do everything in our power to ensure our project teams follow them. All candidates have to go through a thorough selection process, we hire the most experienced and enthusiastic talent. Our engineers are constantly trained to be able to maintain high-quality work. Careful planning beforehand allows to predict bottlenecks and minimize system vulnerabilities. During the course of the project, code quality is regularly assessed to find areas for improvement and make sure that best practices are implemented.

  • How do you provide security? How can I know my IP is protected?

    It is one of our top priorities to ensure full confidentiality for our clients. Each member of the project team signs an NDA before discussing any strategic information with the client. Our clients have full ownership of all project work. We take appropriate technical and legal measures to ensure data security and prevent unauthorized access and data losses.

  • I’ve heard that Ukraine is a hot tech market. Is it true that you have a facility there?

    Indeed, Ukraine holds a vast IT outsourcing potential, with exceptional quality of technical education and growing talent pool. We have a spacious facility in Kiev city center equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and everything else necessary to support the efficient work of our engineering teams.

  • What areas do you specialize in?

    We solve technology challenges and fulfill technology expertise needs by means of providing cohesive engineering teams to work independently or to complement our client’s in-house development capacities. Our strongest in-house areas of expertise are mobile/web products development, Big Data, and IoT, Blockchain and Game development.